Everything in Moderation
Nutrition / Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Here's a #0to60 Tip: A healthy eating pattern is more than just one meal or even one day, it’s the combination of all the foods and drinks you consume throughout your life!

Even foods that have health benefits should be eaten in moderation as a part of a varied and properly portioned diet. Some of the most popular foods in healthy dishes that provide needed nutrients (i.e. peanut butter, yogurt, avocados), might still contain fats, added sugars, and sodium that should be kept in check.

Pick a day to try the meal plan listed below and feel the positive impacts that moderation can provide. 

Bagel with peanut butter
Coffee with milk & sugar
Fat-free strawberry yogurt

Tuna salad sandwhich with lettuce & mayo
Low-fat milk

Spaghetti & meatballs
Garden Salad

For complete nutrient breakdowns of these meals check out this helpful infographic from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 

Don’t just throw together a bunch of foods that have a good reputation, check their nutrition contents to make sure they add up to a complete diet! Click below to learn more on how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits.


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