Fit Kid Tips from FUTP60: Go Outside to Get Healthy
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Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassadors are leaders in their schools and communities. Many of them have helped implement healthy eating and physical activity changes in their schools and beyond. If you’ve ever wondered what kids really think about nutrition and fitness, then you’ll love these tips, which are part of our “Fit Kid Tips from FUTP60” series. These tips were created by the student ambassadors for people of all ages, so check them out and see how you can put their ideas into action on your #0to60 journey.


As school lets out and the weather warms up, it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside to get healthy. For inspiration, follow these Fuel Up to Play 60 Fit Kid Tips, and then share your favorite way to be active outside by using the #0to60 hashtag on social media.

The Scenic Route

"Heading over to a friend’s house? Even if they live right down the street, why not walk around the block to get there? A good 10 minute walk will get your blood flowing and get you closer to going #0to60!" Jaylen W. – ME

Outdoor Exercises

"A little bit of sunshine goes a long, long way! If you have the opportunity, take your exercises outdoors instead of staying inside!" Layna R. – DE

Garden Time!

"There’s nothing quite like picking fruits and vegetables off of a plant and eating them there on the spot. Start your own healthy garden at your school or at home! You’ll find out quickly how fun it can be to grow your own food." Mateo P. – NE

Weekend Tournament Time

"Set up a weekend sports tournament with your friends and family! Each weekend, get outside and play your favorite sport to get up and get active. Keep track of wins and losses, and at the end of the year, you can present a trophy to the winning team!" Ayobami C. – NC


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