#0to60 Challenge: The fastest way to living healthy starts right now!
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Start your journey by taking the #0to60 Challenge today!

By joining the #0to60 Challenge we want you to experience your healthiest life! Over the next 60 days we challenge you to be active your way. You can increase your daily physical activity, or make delicious, nutritious meals. This #0to60 Challenge is for everyone - fitness beginners, weekend warriors, athletes, kids, and families. The Challenge was designed to inspire all Americans to accelerate their journey to a healthy lifestyle by going #0to60 every day.

Being a part of the #0to60 Challenge is easy - make the commitment to 60 days of healthier living today! Whether it’s gardening, playing sports, or cooking meals with your family, it all adds up to living healthier!

Not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered. You’ve already taken the first step – you’re here!  Now all you have to do is get up, get out and get active!

There are a variety of physical activity tips and healthy eating resources here and on www.fitness.gov to help you on your journey.


Extra Motivation at Your Fingertips!

Here are a few ways to keep the momentum going strong throughout the #0to60 Challenge:

  • Browse the Fitness and Nutrition tips on 0to60fitness.org for suggestions to be active and eat healthy.


Earn Recognition for Stepping Up to the #0to60 Challenge!

Now that you’re on the fast track to living healthy, your hard work and dedication should be celebrated—and we have the perfect way to recognize your progress!

The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+) is a free eight-week program that promotes regular physical activity and good nutrition, because it takes both to lead a healthy lifestyle!

PALA+ helps you set and track your weekly physical activity and healthy eating goals using SuperTracker online, or by using the PALA+ Paper Log. Complete all of the goal requirements in weeks six, seven, or eight to earn the PALA+ or PALA+ Premium Award!


Share Your Journey and Inspire Others to Go #0to60!

Inspire others to join the #0to60 Challenge and start their own journey to better health!

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, leverage the power of social media to share your photos and videos of how you lead a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to follow @FitnessGov on Twitter and include #0to60 in all of your posts!

Below are a few examples of how you can share your #0to60 journey on social media:

Twitter   @FitnessGov

  • Join me & @FitnessGov as we take the journey to living healthy every day with #0to60. Learn more: 0to60fitness.org
  • .@FitnessGov I go #0to60 by [ADD ACTIVITY/INSERT PHOTO OR VIDEO]

Facebook    National Fitness Foundation

  • My family and I [ADD ACTIVITY/INSERT PHOTO OR VIDEO] today. Going #0to60 is fun and easy
  • #0to60 Challenge accepted! I/I’m [ADD ACTIVITY/INSERT PHOTO OR VIDEO]. Who’s with me? <insert selfie taken after completing a workout>
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